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Hive is a new and growing improvisation school in Berlin, Germany. We're serious about the work, with simple and clear objectives and feedback for students, and a focus on results you can see on stage. We want our students to make visible improvement in every course.

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Most courses are weekly for 8 weeks. Exceptions are made for holidays (if no exceptions are listed for a class, there aren't any). Students are expected to be present for at least 75% of the classes in a course or 6 out of 8. Less than that and the student's experience is significantly diminished. If you cannot participate because of the schedule of a course, please use the Registration Support button at the top.


All courses end with a course show in which students can put their work on stage in front of an audience. Students are not required to perform in the course show, but it is highly encouraged as stage-time is a vital part of every improviser's growth.


The standard course cost is €150 for 8 week courses. Early-bird sign up is reduced to €125.

If payment is prohibitive for you, please use the Registration Support button at the top. If you want to participate, come to class and worry about money later. We are happy to do what we can to promote your participation.

Student Comments


"Chris is really funny. He is also super energetic and patient as a teacher, and very quick-thinking and articulate so his feedback is really helpful. He loves improv in his soul and will give way more than 110% to help you become a confident and skilled performer too. When I started taking classes with him, I was so shy I turned red every time I managed to speak up in a meeting at work (and I had no background in performing arts)--I said I would never improvise in front of an audience. Now I've performed several times in front of strangers and friends, and I feel so much more confident about improv, but also about storytelling and communicating in the other parts of my life. Taking improv classes with Chris is one of the best decisions I've ever made. DO IT!!!"
          Kathy Lu


"I am very privileged and relieved that my 20 year wait to learn Improv comedy has brought me 5000 miles from home, to this school. The Hive has excellent, understanding and highly qualified teachers who really know their stuff, but still create a safe and enjoyable environment to learn something that has been known as, 'the hardest thing to do'. 

I began my first 'Truth of the Scene' class with Noah highly jittery, muttering the words 'I am nervous because I am very bad at Improv.' Now I managed to change it to: 'I am nervous but I am also having the time of my life!'

Truth of the Scene was relaxing, terrifying, holistic and immersive. It was the best part of my week. Noah is a fantastic teacher and made sure we had a good understanding of the syllabus, with video and audio assignments. He possesses a great clarity and articulation in his teaching style and class structure, with exercises that are challenging, fun, and illuminating.

For someone who has never heard of long form, it is now my favourite."
          Kanchi Thangadurai


"Studying with Chris has been an eye-opener for many aspects - there's more to impro than you could imagine and when you study with him you'll start noticing that too. His teaching style is very precise and detailed: expect him to drill into a scene as deep as possible, and expect that after a few classes you will be nailing every single scene you step into."
          Edoardo Binda


"In every single lesson I have learned a lot. It was always fun and entertaining to attend the class. With the help of Chris I was able to make a good performance on stage. The classes are well structured and involve a lot of practical training, which helped me getting comfortable with performing improv on stage."
          Alexander Heussler


Chris knows his improv, and his classes are a blast. He strikes a great balance between intuitive and technical approaches. Very improv! Much recommendation!
          Peter Newman


"Whether I am under scrutiny or simple observance, I am very relaxed knowing that I am being coached by a real professional who knows what it takes to give a good performance."
Blake Worrell