Syllabus - Stand Up Comedy

You can’t teach funny - but I do believe you can inform people what isn’t funny. By freeing yourself of cliches, common pitfalls and just… crapness - you can have a much more productive start to your stand-up career. This course will be performance focused, so get ready for plenty of stage-time!

As an experienced stand-up myself and the producer of a long-running open-mic, I often see new comics take to the stage and make the same mistakes over and over. I just think to myself "This person might be funny... in a year". With this course I aim to leap-frog you over that initial hump so you can take to the open mic scene with a really decent 5-7.

Week 1

  • What is not funny
  • Internal editor
  • Monologues

Week 2

  • Attitude
  • Love and hate
  • Getting specific

Week 3

  • Afterthought
  • Joke writing basics

Week 4

  • Stage-craft
  • Mini-sets

Week 5

(the intensive version skips this week)

  • Topical writing
  • Mock "Panel Show"

Week 6-7-8

  • Rehearsal
  • Tightening the set