Syllabus - Grounded Play

Week 1

  • Discovery vs. Invention
    Listening and Paying Attention
    The mindset of Discovery

Week 2

  • Listening and Responding
    Finding and Deciphering Meaning
    Expanding on Base Reality
    The Truth is Funny
    Slow Play

Week 3

  • Relationship: WHO WHO WHO
    Fuck Titles
    Who Are You To Each Other

Week 4

  • Discovering Character and World
    Avoiding Archetypes
    The Thin Veil
    Show Don't Tell
    Living In Reality

Week 5

  • Providing Space For Characters To Grow

Week 6

  • Scene Techniques
    Simplicity and Creative Constraints For Clarity

Week 7

  • Macroscene and "Follow the Leaver"

Week 8

  • Review and Fine Tuning