The Blumhagen Experience

This weekend and next, on Saturdays, July 15th and the 22nd, Hive Improv is hosting Andrew Blumhagen's Intro to Improv and Let's Get Physical workshops. Andrew has been a part of our community for a while now who I've really appreciated because, besides being a skilled improviser, he comes from a background that I don't identify with too strongly myself, but that I would consider nonetheless essential.

Andrew's bio goes into his background and if you participate in his workshops, what you'll find differentiates him from other Hive Improv instructors is his emphasis of instinctive, organic, and spontaneous play. This is the perfect starting point for any new improviser and a valuable exercise for the experienced, especially when the work starts to feel a little repetitive you need an inspiration boost.

If you missed or enjoyed Philip Markle's recent workshop, I highly recommend participating in one of Andrew's upcoming workshops. There's still space, so sign up!

We're planning to have more with Andrew in the near future so keep an eye out.