The Clock is Ticking For Spring Sign-Ups!

A quick warning to anyone who wants to do some Hive Improv in April who isn't already signed up! Now is the time!

Lee White's Characters You Recognize Workshop

Time is running out to join Lee White's Characters You Know Workshop on April 9th. Lee is highly respected as a player and instructor. And you know what? He's a gem of a guy too. It's an honor to have him with Hive whenever we can. Take advantage of this workshop!

Last Chance for Early-Bird Prices!

The deadline for the Early-Bird discounted price of €100 is March 15th (Wednesday) for any course starting in early April! After that point course fees go up to €125 for the very same courses. Don't be a sucker! Included courses are:

Entry Level


Do not delay signing up! The reason we have the Early-Bird discount is because if a course does not have enough students, we might have to cancel it. Making that decision is much easier if everyone is signed up on time. We don't want your €25! We want you to sign up early!

201 Intro to Game w/Josh Telson Selling Out

Heads up to anyone interested, Josh's Intro to Game course only has one spot left. After that one is taken, students will still be allowed to register, but will be added to a wait list. If you haven't noticed the theme of this e-mail, it's this: sign up now!

Curriculum Confusion

If you still have any confusion or complaints about the new curriculum, please get in touch by replying to this e-mail or via the contact page (which allows you to get in touch anonymously).

We realize it may be confusing for prior students and we have gone out of our way to make things clear on a case by case basis. If your path still isn't clear, please let us know.

For our most experienced students who have remained dedicated to the community (taking courses, playing in the jam, getting coached on teams, hosting shows) we have tried to make sure that they would be eligible for the upcoming Harold Auditions after no more than one course. If that sounds like you but you are afraid you won't be eligible for Harold Auditions, please let us know.

Thanks and see all of you soon,