Philip Markle Annoyance Workshop

We've got a great workshop coming up with Philip Markle, Executive Director of the Annoyance Theatre in New York. Info available on the workshop page. I really want to encourage everyone to join this.

I am personally excited about this one because of the very positive experience I had absorbing everything Annoyance that I could from Emily Candini in LA. I had been at UCB and with Miles and both of those approaches are very heady, and I myself tend to think a lot about my improv, but Emily came in and busted that up. Get the fuck on stage. Tear it up. Get weird. Keep the audience guessin. I realized you can't even think straight on stage until you're bold enough to own it and you can't own it unless you're ready to act without thinking.

I’d say my goal for this class is for the student to walk away celebrating what he/she uniquely brings to the stage. Let your inner freak flag fly! No one can teach you to be funny, but you CAN find your unique voice and always have fun (if you’re not having fun, you’re the asshole!) and take care of yourself in a scene so that you are always OK no matter what is going on. Usually if someone is having fun, funny will just happen of its own accord. Fun and play. That’s the whole reason we got into this, right?
— Philip Markle

I have not seen anything like Annoyance work in Berlin and I think this city needs it. Come get a taste.

Also, check out the book Improvise by Mick Napier. He founded the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago and wrote one of the best books on improv you can read. No kidding. GET INTO IT.