Free Workshops This Week!

The course preview workshops are starting this week. One last publicity push has brought in some last minute sign-ups and I am very happy to see a solid turn out in almost every class.

The only course with a lot of space left is Improv for Stand-Ups. I wasn't originally planning on doing this course, but a number of stand-up comedians said they would like participate in something like that. I was convinced and organized the class, but then it proved difficult to get the same people registered. We have a group to play with, but it would be nice if it were larger.

The goal of Improv for Stand-Ups is to introduce stand-up comedians to some of the approaches that improv takes to performance and comedy. Improv is interesting because it's a social activity. Improv is practiced by teams and I think that's why it's taught to groups. That's why audiences are more likely to see it as something they can join. But ultimately much of what improvisers and stand-up comedians are doing is the same thing. We are minimalist performers with nothing but a stage, a brain, and our blood, sweat, and tears. The social nature of improv however means that it is more common for the great improvisers to have turned their approaches into learnable lessons than it is for the great stand-ups to have done the same. But improviser or not, every entertainer can benefit from that body of information.

Check out the courses page and if you see something you like, register! If you're not sure, check out the free workshops available this week! And if money is the only thing in your way, register anyway, come to class, and let's figure something out. We can even barter  your way in. No problem.

I want to see you participating!