Glacial Motion

The Winter Session of courses is now available for registration. You'll notice that we've switched the registration process over to Eventbrite. That will make the whole process easier for everyone. You'll also notice that the course  prices have gone up by 25 EUR. The added 25 EUR is meant to accommodate Eventbrite fees and allow for organizational changes as Hive Improv officially combines with Comedy Cafe Berlin.

Last summer we cancelled our plan for Harold teams, but after much discussion changes are underway behind the scenes. Some of you in the community have been a great help. To most of you, our pace must appear glacial. We apologize. Be assured that our caution now is only to guarantee that such an abrupt change of plans will not reoccur, that we do not disappoint you, and that each of our steps is on solid ground.

The combination of Hive and CCB has been a long time comin. We're not making any announcements just yet, but we want everyone to know that things are looking good, we haven't forgotten anyone, and even when we seem frozen in place, we're well on the move.

A glacier, stoic and patient in its stride, can cut through a mountain. Our transformation may come slowly, but we believe that it will no less transform our landscape, slicing through barriers and bridging straits to deliver new and great frontiers.


Good things are coming.


Fall Courses, Slow Burn, and Follow The Fierce

Fall courses are up! If you haven't signed up yet, get to it before they fill up. The Christian Capozzolli workshops, 4TRACK and Instant Game have already filled, but the wait list is still very short so go ahead and register to be the first in line if a spot opens up. We also have Andrew Blumhagen's Slow Burn workshop tomorrow and Follow The Fierce with Philip Markle and Annie Donley in October.

Check below to see all the Fall courses available, their start dates, and instructors:

101EN Improv Basics - 10.09 - Jakob Wagner
101DE Improv Basics - 16.09 - Jakob Wagner
102EN Stand-Up Comedy - 14.10 - Caroline Clifford

201EN Intro To Game - 19.09 - Josh Telson
301EN Grounded Play - 02.09 - Noah Telson

See ya around,

Carlo Ritchie's Back!

That's right, the hotshot scalawag who once graced the likes of GLB performances with his humor and charm is back in Berlin for boisterous bacchanalia! And he's teaching a workshop that you will not want to miss!

Carlo left us when demand was simply too high for him in Sydney and he could refuse it no longer. That's not an exaggeration. They wanted him to improvise in Sydney so much he finally gave in went! But now he's back and I assure you that in his workshop, Chopping Carrots, you'll learn to chop carrots with unparalleled reverence and depth.

Register now while the registrin's good!