June Workshops!

The Spring is a wrappin, and the Summer is a comin, but the action ain't quittin when the Hive is abuzz. June is going to be a big month for us. We're happy to have a group of students who have been booked to play at the Del Close Marathon in New York at the end of the month.

Harold Auditions

Don't forget that before that will be Harold team auditions! If you haven't already registered, do it now. More info available here. We will soon be publishing specific details about the auditions so keep a look out.

The August Offensive Looms Low In The Horizon...

Ye be warned! The oracle hast foretold of a blood moon rising in the days of the dog star. If June's events weren't enough now's a good time to start thinking about the August Offensive, the 3 person improv cagematch tournament that will turn one team of 3 into Berlin's latest legends and make exile of the innumerable armada laid waste by the unmerciful thrust of the pollice verso. Former winners Grill Talk and Cunt Hammer are out of the running. Will you be among the season's champions?

We still have 2 workshops available in June to prepare you for these events and you will need to act fast to participate.

Intermediate Game with Molly Thomas

Molly Thomas of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre will be teaching an intermediate game course and we still have spots of available. These will probably be going fast in the next couple of weeks so sign up. Many of you have just learned game and belong in this workshop! It's intermediate level to make sure you can all move at a good pace. Great opportunity!

Burn Your Fear with Philip Markle

Philip Markle, of the Annoyance Theatre in New York, has decided to up capacity of his Burn Your Fear workshop from 14 to 16. The first 14 spots sold out very fast so I expect it to be very competitive to grab these last 2. Do not dilly-dally. Register! No telling when we'll be lucky enough to have Markle again.

Expect news soon on our Summer workshop line-up.


Harold Auditions and Philip Markle Workshop

Spring Is Here!

The 2017 Hive Spring Session has officially started this week with the first ever Game auf Deutsch class and the first Harold class since we started the new Core Curriculum. And just in time too because Harold Team Auditions are fast approaching.

Harold Team Audition Registration

On June 10th we will begin auditions for the first round of Hive Harold Teams. You can now register to audition here.

It remains undecided how many people will be selected or how many teams will be formed. We'll have to see the auditions first. Depending on how many people register, we may need more than one day to get through everyone. If an additional day is required, some participants will be notified that their audition will occur on a different date (it would be around the same time of the month).

Harold Teams are meant to reflect our best players and our own Hive approach to improv. They will receive free coaching from Noah, Josh, and I (Chris) and will be expected to practice once a week and perform twice a month at Comedy Cafe Berlin in a new Friday night slot before GLB. If you cannot make that commitment, it may be best not to audition.

Philip Markle Workshop

Philip Markle of the Annoyance Theatre in New York was Hive's first ever guest instructor and he did a great job. We're having him back again for a 2 day workshop on June 3rd and 4th. The workshop is already more than half full, so get it while the gettin's good. Register now here.

That's all for today! See ya on stage.


The Clock is Ticking For Spring Sign-Ups!

A quick warning to anyone who wants to do some Hive Improv in April who isn't already signed up! Now is the time!

Lee White's Characters You Recognize Workshop

Time is running out to join Lee White's Characters You Know Workshop on April 9th. Lee is highly respected as a player and instructor. And you know what? He's a gem of a guy too. It's an honor to have him with Hive whenever we can. Take advantage of this workshop!

Last Chance for Early-Bird Prices!

The deadline for the Early-Bird discounted price of €100 is March 15th (Wednesday) for any course starting in early April! After that point course fees go up to €125 for the very same courses. Don't be a sucker! Included courses are:

Entry Level


Do not delay signing up! The reason we have the Early-Bird discount is because if a course does not have enough students, we might have to cancel it. Making that decision is much easier if everyone is signed up on time. We don't want your €25! We want you to sign up early!

201 Intro to Game w/Josh Telson Selling Out

Heads up to anyone interested, Josh's Intro to Game course only has one spot left. After that one is taken, students will still be allowed to register, but will be added to a wait list. If you haven't noticed the theme of this e-mail, it's this: sign up now!

Curriculum Confusion

If you still have any confusion or complaints about the new curriculum, please get in touch by replying to this e-mail or via the HiveImprov.com contact page (which allows you to get in touch anonymously).

We realize it may be confusing for prior students and we have gone out of our way to make things clear on a case by case basis. If your path still isn't clear, please let us know.

For our most experienced students who have remained dedicated to the community (taking courses, playing in the jam, getting coached on teams, hosting shows) we have tried to make sure that they would be eligible for the upcoming Harold Auditions after no more than one course. If that sounds like you but you are afraid you won't be eligible for Harold Auditions, please let us know.

Thanks and see all of you soon,