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Noah was born in Germany and raised in Woodstock, NY to a German mother and Brooklyn Jew father. Vacillating between confusing sternness and fretful nebbish-ism, Noah’s home life provided a healthy bedrock for a future in comedy. 

Noah had his first taste of what it meant to make an audience laugh after landing some pretty important and big roles in the junior high school’s drama productions. In 2004, he decided to complete high school in Berlin where he earned the “Best New Actor” award at his graduation ceremony. It was downhill from there.

He went on to seek a degree in the ‘History of Theater’ at Purchase College School of Humanities where he performed (often naked) many styles of theater including performative improv. His performances include Judas in the The Mystery Plays, about 39 of the 40 characters in August Strindberg’s A Dream Play and Dexter in Four.

Noah also has a Masters in Social Science.

After moving to Berlin in 2010, Noah became the youngest performing member of ComedySportz Berlin, the longest running English comedy show in the city and the only CSz city in mainland Europe. Under the tutelage of the group’s director, Brian Kapell, Noah’s love for improv was cemented. He has since performed over 250 shows with ComedySportz and is the now the group’s artistic associate. His work with CSz has helped raise the bar of quality improv in the city and push the boundaries what CSz can do.

In 2012, Noah was invited to perform at the ComedySportz World Championship in Chicago. It was there that he witnessed first-hand long form improv and all its wonders. He spent that week soaking up as much as possible.

Upon returning to Berlin, he promptly formed the city’s first English speaking Harold team, “The Improv Amt” along with his brother, Josh Telson and other fellow improvisers, Andrew Reid, Summer Banks, Rei Almeida, Sean Hunter Williams, Pip Swallow and George Moakley. The group performed regularly for the Post Humor sketch show where their inspiration was a Craigslist post pulled from a suggested city in the English speaking world.

A year later, Noah, Josh and Andrew formed an “ASSSSCAT” style group based off the teachings of UCB called, Good Luck, Barbara! With the addition of Chris Rock and Nicole Ratjen and influences from earlier members, Tess Degenstein and Carlo Ritchie, the group established itself as a veritable force in the Berlin improv scene and now hosts Long Form Fridays every last Friday of the month.

Additionally, Noah co-produces, -writes and -hosts piffle! a radio show for nonsense with his brother, Berlin's first and only English language comedy sketch/panel/quiz podcast.
Noah teaches improv for ComedySportz Berlin and is now also teaching with Hive because he believes Berlin's passionate improvisers deserve as much available education as possible.

In the fall of 2015, he opened Berlin’s first international alternative comedy stage, Comedy Café Berlin to give alternative comedy in the city the home it deserves. An effort which has afforded him the title of “Mother Fuckin’ Teresa” by Chris Rock himself.