Lee White

Being part of the acclaimed improv duo CRUMBS from Winnipeg/Canada, Lee White has been performing and teaching improv (almost) all his life. Touring with shows and workshops all over Europe, in Asia, New Zealand and North-America, CRUMBS have performed with improvisers all over the world. Aside from the famous CRUMBS longform improv, Lee has been involved in the birth of several new formats such as The Big Smart Improv Show and the Dungeons and Dragons Improv Show, both being Fringe hits in Canada, and Knowledge or Punishment, the Improv/Game show, a hit on both side of the ocean. He is currently touring Europe twice a year with different projects, namely „No Exit“ with French colleagues Marko Mayerl and Matthieu Loos, as „CRUMBS Garage“ with René Dellefont (Atlanta) and as „Paradigm“ together with Joe Bill (Chicago).