Chris J. Rock

Chris was born and raised in Southern California in a family that loved comedy. His father had taken an improv class and knowing how much fun it was Chris grew up wanting to do the same. He got his chance in 2010 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Soon after, he discovered the quickly growing Miles Stroth Workshop where he received most of his formative experience.

Chris played with Miles Stroth on English Speaking Moose (Skander Halim, Stephen Ji, Markeia McCarty, Keith Saltojanes) at iO West for over a year. He was also on Master Sword (Brian Burton, Yasser Marte, John Paliferro, Emilio Rossal, Matt Whitlock, Brian Wojciechowski), the only team to be couched by Miles since 10 years prior. On Master Sword, Chris received intense training, an intimate knowledge of the core longforms; the Harold, the Deconstruction, and The Movie; and a grounding in the lessons taught first by Del Close, with a major emphasis of simple two-person scene work.

As three-man team, Pop Pop, Chris joined Matt Whitlock and Josh Kaplan in hosting Monday Night Improv and its eventual Sixty-Four Team Three-Man Tournament with a $640 prize. Pop Pop played fast and explored the relationship between comedy and horror, taking a nightmare as a suggestion. Chris and Josh then formed Los Dos to focus on TJ & Dave style, patient, two-man improv under the coaching of Brian O'Connell.

Chris' last team in Los Angeles was Longshot with Joseph Bolter, Brian Burton, Justin Michael Terry, and Matt Whitlock. They played The Movie form and, under the coaching of Brian O'Connell (a filmmaker), worked to push the form to new heights, practicing very specific cinematic techniques. Longshot headlined the first weekly show of the Miles Stroth Workshop, Longform Tuesdays (later renamed Long Hard Tuesdays).

In April of 2013, Chris relocated to Berlin, Germany, and shortly thereafter began performing with ComedySportz Berlin and with longform team, Good Luck, Barbara! (Nicole Ratjen, Andrew Reid, Josh Telson, Noah Telson). He continues to play with both groups.

Chris can be seen with ComedySportz Berlin at T Berlin on the first and third Fridays of each month. He also performs at T Berlin with Good Luck, Barbara! at Long Form Friday, on the last Friday of every month, and very often at the English Theatre Berlin or other English language comedy shows and improv events.

Upon recognizing a lack of longform coaching in his new home and a presence of passionate improvisers interested in Del Close improv, Chris began teaching longform in Berlin. Classes were first informal lessons for ComedySportz, and weekly beginner classes held for employees of game developer Wooga. This led to fully-fledged eight week courses with set curricula at the start of 2015. The first courses focused on Harold and a combination of UCB style game and Miles Stroth position play. From those classes came Berlin's only Harold team, Guillotine, which has gone on to learn the Deconstruction, and has now performed numerous Harolds at Long Form Friday and other shows.

Chris organized Hive as a means of better promoting the growth of Berlin longform improvisation. The goal of Hive is to impact the quantity and quality of Berlin improvisation.